Please choose which location you'd like to order pick-up or delivery from.


A little background on K-Town behind the scenes: The mandate to close dine-in service at both of our locations was very sudden, so we promise we are working hard to improve your experience ordering food from both of our restaurants. We are following CDC recommended health guidelines by taking extra precautions to ensure that our employees are healthy and taking steps to limit exposure and contact between our employees and customers. 

We are also testing out an in-house delivery service. We understand that life is not normal right now. It shouldn't be -- we all know someone who is at risk of complications from COVID-19. It's a time for precautions, but the closure of all restaurants for dine-in operations means a lot of servers are left with no options. We have been so wrecked over our decision to let go of a majority of our staff for the time being. But we are a small business owned by a husband and wife who were left with no other choice.

Our decision to launch this service is our attempt to help our employees. All of the drivers will be our employees whose regular jobs were frozen for 4 weeks. They will keep 100% of the tip, make an hourly wage, and be reimbursed for expenses related to deliveries. We are still working on logistics, but we are determined to make this happen.


We understand why the mandates happened, but they are not without consequences and we refuse to give up on our employees who we see as an extension of our family. This week (written March 16) we will be rolling out our in-house delivery service so please, please be patient with us. If you can financially do so, please considering ordering delivery with us! We'll be posting updates on our social media accounts so please follow us on Instagram at @ktownbbq or @ktownvancouver. Thank you all for your support. Even reading through this message means so much, when so many are struggling right now. 

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